Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not so done and dusted

I'm reading back through the last few posts and had to have a little smile when I read the one called 'First Draft Finished'. That's funny.

I went back and re-read the 'finished' first draft, prior to submitting it, and found a hundred holes. Had a great talk to the mighty Peter Matheson - all hail the insightful dramaturg - and set about the rewrites.

For a little while there I didn't think I'd finish it. Thought I'd be handing in a half-baked work-in-progress today. But a weekend with my derriere nailed to the bench outside and my laptop plugged into the mains, got me there.

The first draft is now finished. hurrah! I've submitted it to QTC and now await the first workshops and their feedback.

It feels good. All loose threads have been tied and the play has a nice circular feel to it. I'm sure that in a couple of weeks I'll be appalled at the state of it as I enter the second draft process. But, right now, right this minute, I feel great.



Jim said...

LARS SHEAR: Everything I thought was important was there at the first. Each in its own way purposeful and inevitable.

TWELVEMONTH: That's how it seemed.

LARS SHEAR: I thought I'd finished. Every relationship so beautifully essential to the cut and thrust of life.

TWELVEMONTH: You never have, of course. One finds oneself continuously refining things in their universe.

LARS SHEAR: It never stays still, does it?

TWELVEMONTH: I must have done that at least ten times - gone back and renewed my acquaintance when I thought things would no longer change.


TWELVEMONTH: I have a confession to make....

LARS SHEAR: What have you done now?

TWELVEMONTH: I killed two characters....

LARS SHEAR: What! You mean, dead?

TWELVEMONTH: Stone dead. Murdered them. Stuffed their mouths and buried them alive. The perfect murder.


LARS SHEAR: Crikey! Are you sure?

TWELVEMONTH: Wiped all trace. No DNA even.

LARS SHEAR: I mean, are you sure they're dead?

TWELVEMONTH: Certain. I wiped them out. Threw them in the trash. Buried them where no-one can find them.

LARS SHEAR: Not a skerrick of evidence?

TWELVEMONTH: I'm certain.


LARS SHEAR: I loved those two....

TWELVEMONTH: It had to be done.

LARS SHEAR: [Angrily] You're a heartless bastard....

TWELVEMONTH: There are times you have to be ruthless.

LARS SHEAR: They were so important to us....

TWELVEMONTH: Not anymore they're not. And to be frank, the whole place is better off without them.

LARS SHEAR: How can you say that!

TWELVEMONTH: I can say whatever I like. You're yesterday's man, Lars. In fact, it's time I eliminated you. You're dead...

LARS SHEAR: what are you talking about? Help! Help! Mmmmmft.

Katherine Lyall-Watson said...

That's fantastic, Jim!
Is this from one of your plays?
I love it.
Very apt.