Friday, March 14, 2008

Hard Slog

Today has been a long, hard slog.

It's good to remember that writing isn't always easy. That there are times when each word is sweated and laboured over. and they're still not right.

Today has been agony. I was up before 6am to make the most of my writing time and I wrote until 4pm, with barely a break. And I don't know if there's a single usable sentence in there. ARGH! I feel like I've made the play worse instead of better. It sucks. I've sent it to Peter (dramaturg) with a cover note telling him not to expect much. Because that was my pact with him - that I'd email every Friday with whatever i'd managed to do during the day. No matter how little and crappy it is.

So now I'm just trying to stay calm and think positive. QTC asked me to write more. My original play was only 38 pages (single spaced) and would have performed at about 50 minutes. I think. It's now 68 pages and most of them are different (albeit crappy). So I've done what was asked. If only it worked and I was happy with it.

I've got two more Fridays to get this draft finished. I feel like shit but I'll try not to think about it and wait until I reread it in a few days and see if there's anything salvageable then.

In the meantime it's my little girl's birthday and we're having a slumber party this weekend. 9 girls sleeping over tomorrow night. Fun, fun, fun!

I haven't made a cake yet or organised any party things. Can I get away with pizza and icecream?

And then there's the cub scout fundraiser before the party. I'll be working on a sausage sizzle around the time I should be decorating the house and icing the nonexistent cake.

Ever felt like it's all too much?

That's how I feel right now.

Enough whinging for one post. Sorry!

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