Wednesday, June 4, 2008


What a wonderful day yesterday was. I'm still on a high after the reading... There's nothing like having brilliant actors lift your words from a page and make them dance and shine.

Chris Betts was my new John and he got so involved in the reading that he cried at one stage. I had shivers. And Barbara Lowing is perfect as Martha. She's just delicious in the part. Tim Dashwood is my Ned and he makes Ned so innocent and pure - I just want to protect him!

I am feeling so happy and giddy with the thrill of it.

I've decided that writing is a bit like suffering from a manic-depressive disorder. I get so high I feel invincible and then plunge to the depths where I doubt that the good day ever happened. I'm not like this in normal life.

I think it must be part and parcel of creating something and then fearing that your baby is actually hideous and everyone's just being polite telling you she's cute.

But today is a wonderful day. I'm convinced that my baby is beautiful and that she's going to grow into something splendid.

A big thank you to everyone at QTC for the constructive feedback and the pointers for the next draft. Can't wait to get into it. (This will actually be happening tomorrow as the next workshop is Saturday and I need to do a one-day rewrite.)


Monday, June 2, 2008

Back from Holidays

Well - so much for the grand plan!

I took my laptop and a print out of my play and didn't write a word of it. So, tomorrow I go into the next workshop/reading with the play as is and without a get out of jail free card (alternate draft).

I planned writing and suffered withdrawals from not writing, but the close confines of a campervan with two children were not conducive to creativity! Still, it was a wonderful holiday and I probably needed the break.

I still feel anxious and have mild heart palpitations when I think of tomorrow's reading, but that's too bad. It's just a matter now of waiting to see what happens and then fixing whatever's wrong.

I can do that.