Monday, March 3, 2008

Coming down from cloud 9

It's been two weeks now since the finalist announcements. The flowers have wilted, their putrid water tipped into the garden, and life is returning to normal. Well, as normal as it gets.
After the euphoria and the excitement, there's now a growing panic. I need to do a new draft by when? (31 March)
What if they don't like it as much as the original? What if I'm kidding myself and I'm really a crap writer? Argh! (Sound effects of screaming as my brain knocks itself against the bony edges of my skull, trying to escape from the horror.)
Once I start writing again, I'm sure I'll be all right. This is a normal process for me. I panic at the thought of trying to write a new draft but, once I've started writing, I usually come good.
Fingers crossed for this time.

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