Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Workshop


A day and a half in a room with 8 other people, reading and talking about my play. Wow. And those 8 people were all theatre professionals. Double Wow.

This has been an overwhelming, brain-liquefying (is there such a word and did I spell it right?), AMAZING experience.

I feel so very lucky to be in this position and am raring to start the next draft.

It's hard to come back down to earth and to my real job. I could keep flying for a lot longer.


dave millard said...

hey Katherine,

i curious to what was talked about by these theatre prefessionals. can you share anything with us?

oh, and don't feel you need to stop flying to answer, just yell down bits and pieces to us as you whiz past.



Katherine Lyall-Watson said...

Hi Dave,
Lots of talk about motivation of characters, and places where the motivation wasn't clear.
Why had this character shown up at this point? We could all see it was necessary for the story and for the drama - but why, for him and for his journey, had he arrived?
It was really great to get into this sort of deep analysis.
Very inspiring!
Thanks for dropping by the blog!

dave millard said...

motivation, eh? that could be tough to get plausible. how you coping with it? this might seem strange, but for some reason i feel it would be easier to make up the motivations for book characters than play characters. why's that? not too sure if this makes sense, but i have to connect with one person, the reader, albeit lots of times, whereas the playwright has to connect with multiple people, the audience, all of the time AND the job's made harder because you have to connect with the actors too. bloody hell, Katherine! that's a lot of people for which your motivation might not work...

having said that, i'm sure you've got it covered.